[sl001] soundslike… Defunkt (Turtles All The Way Down)

[Addison]: I intend for this mix and the events we have in store for everyone as this year rolls out to re-introduce you to Sounds Like… as a cohesive vision that starts with the music and the perspective our collective wishes to portray and then fractal out from there as time passes. We have carefully chosen to begin the podcast reborn with our current residents one by one for the next few months beginning with a mix born out of true love by Defunkt, as we are now choosing to swim forward. I hope you enjoy installment [sl001] of the soundslike… podcast. Here are Matt’s personal words about this mix:

[Matt:] When I set out to record this mix, I had every intention of releasing the next installment of the Impromptu Mix series. Almost immediately however it became apparent that would not happen…

On August 28th, 2016, we tragically lost our friend, brother, kindred spirit, and captain of the SOUNDSLIKE… ship, Jason Lovel. This mix, from start to finish, was unintentionally derived from the emotions we all have been struggling to control; each track, every ebb and flow of intensity, can in one way or another be traced back to a specific memory, emotion, or experience.

Music is intensely personal and cathartic, providing a direct conduit to the soul. I never set out to record a tribute mix, but here it is anyway.

I love and miss you brother.

Lee Burridge & Lost Desert – Lingala [All Day I Dream]
Danny Clark & Jay Benham – I Knew You (Darren Flecta Remix) [Hatchwork]
Ruede Hagelstein – Footprints (The Drifter Remix) [Watergate Records]
Love Over Entropy – Worth While [Something Happening Somewhere]
Baikal – Pelican’s Flight [Maeve]
Rampa – Necessity [Innervisions]
Audiofly – In the (Last Moment) [Crosstown Rebels]
Milan Euringer vs Tube & Berger – Lovebreak (Wild Culture Remix) [Kittbal]
Michael Mayer – Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen (Patrice Baumel Remix) [K7 Records]
Manuel Moreno – Drunken Butterfly [Hive Audio]
Mihai Popoviciu – Can Do [Cyclic Records]
Nicole Maudaber & Skin – You Like This (Hector Remix) [MOOD]
Asadinho – Jaslemere (Version 1) [RvS]
Klartraum – Moogly [Lucidflow]
Pointbender – Three Complications [Harmonious Discord]